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Send Me No Flowers

Okay, so I admit it. I am a HUGE Doris Day fan. I would venture to say she is one of the most talented women in Hollywood history. She could do it all. Dance. Sing. And especially, Act. And Send Me No Flowers is no exception. She is hilarious. In fact, this trio is hilarious. If you are anything like me, a 40s-50s-60s movie buff, you would recognize Rock Hudson, Tony Randall, and Doris Day in a second (Pillow Talk, Send Me No Flowers, and Lover Come Back). The chemistry between the three actors is so entertaining that even if you're watching them by yourself you can't help but laugh out loud. I would highly recommend this mellow dramatic, over-the-top, romantic-comedy five times over. It was one of the most enjoyable Doris Day movies that I have seen.


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