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Jeffrey Sebelia from Project Runway

To all you Project Runway fans out there!!
Don't you ever wonder what happened to that great designer you wished had won on the Bravo! show you watched every Wednesday night? Or even more so, the designer who did win and got all that money? It's funny how easily we forget about something when it's not in front of us every week.

I was watching VH1 a few months back and just happened to come across a "Where Are They Now?" clip of the notorious punk-rock designer, Jeffrey Sebelia. He is pursuing the high-fashion industry at full force under the label name Cosa Nostra. The line was debuted with a full collection for Fall/Winter 2007/8.

The collection keeps the same great edge and neutral colors that Jeffrey was known and loved for on Project Runway. The menswear features grays, creams, and browns with military cuts and the trendy skinny pant.

Womenswear has a little more variety with long flowing dresses with multiple layers (seeming to be adopted from the sweet Uli) as well as skinny pants with fuller tops.

I am happy to say, Bravo! invested their money well. Jeffrey holds the standards high and lives up to the title of Project Runway's Top Designer.

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