The Five Arts

A detailed review of current and past arts accompanied by a five-star scoring system.



This mega-action packed film hits the sweetest spot as summer's hottest blockbuster.
Whether you watched the Transformers cartoons as a youth or are a Shia LaBeouf fan, you will not be disappointed with this film.
There are crazy fighting scenes and great special effects crammed into the 2-hour flick, but I would expect no less. A little more dialog and the storyline would have been corny, more action and audiences would be overwhelmed.
The film was entertaining for both adults and children alike with wonderful comedic moments. The action is a little over the top but that brings out the youthfulness of the machines. It helps us to remember that this was once a cartoon that entertained us.
Plus, it's summer. Why not go all out with huge robots rolling around the city streets and blowing up stuff?

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