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Ocean's Thirteen

The beginning titles of the film are retro and bright. The music- 70's disco. After the credits, the first thing seen is Brad Pitt and you know it's gonna be a good one.

Though none will be as good as Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Thirteen does not fall far behind. The film seems to have rediscovered it's sense of comedy as well as the most anticipated element of surprise. Toulour, played by Vincent Cassel, returned with but few lines. Both Catherine and Julia did not. The star-power girls would have taken away from the performance of the leading men. The leading men, Pitt and Clooney, dominated the screen whereas lesser characters, such as Yen, were thankfully put on the back burner.

The splash of comedy throughout the film (especially the Mexico scene) captures the essence of the beloved Ocean's Eleven creating a most enjoyable movie-going experience.

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