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The Starter Wife on USA

The Starter Wife starring Golden Globe Nominee, Debra Messing, has been an incredible let down in her successful career as an on-screen female comedian. This horrific new "comedy" on Thursdays @ 9pm on USA seems as if it is attempting to fill the large shoes of it's successor, Sex and the City, with three companions and a rather cheesy voice-over sprinkled throughout the grueling hour-long episode. Though I must admit, the premise and even premier, excited me for episodes to come, so much so that I even DVR'ed it. Unfortunately, the show took a turn for the worst when the character Sam, played by Stephen Moyer, took a majority of screen time. Mr. Moyer's acting was that of a soap opera star's at best. His facial expressions and dialogue were unbearable.

Joe Mantegna, playing Lou, was a breath of fresh air throughout the first episode however, not enough to sway me from canceling my DVR recordings of the show and ever watching USA @ 9pm on a Thursday again.

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