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Future of Forestry

One day my husband came home from tour with a large pile of CD he had been given from various bands/labels/promoters. As usual, I went rummaging through the pile half-heartedly and with low expectations, popping each one into my macbook, listening to about 30 seconds of each song, and throwing them back into the pile.
However, one album cover caught my attention. At first, for some reason, I couldn't figure out if the name of the band was the album name and vise versa. I didn't care because either way there was no denying this band had something that most indie bands do not.
The first track caught my attention right away. "Open Wide" begins with a full sound. The lyrics are catchy and the lead singer's voice rings out. The "ooh's" and "aah's" of the chorus make the first track and the album as a whole accessible.
The beginning of the second track (the keyboard) reminds me a little of The Postal Service song, "Such Great Heights".
Track four, "Speak to Me Gently" puts the album into a different gear. The acoustic guitars bring a totally new feel to the song. The beautiful lyrics and slow melody bring you to a peaceful and happy place in the album's story before it starts to pick up speed again back to a more poppy beat for track five.
Track ten, "If You Find Her", is a beautiful song with just aucostic guitars and vocals. The sound is a cross between Kings of Convenience and Acid House Kings.
The album ends with a large and full song packed with powerful lyrics. If you like Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, or Switchfoot, you will not be disappointed with this up and coming Christian band known as Future of Forestry. Their album is Twilight. Check it.

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