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Death At A Funeral

The British comedy, Death At A Funeral, had the entire theatre in an uproar of laughter. The beginning and end of the film were equally hilarious however, momentum was lost during the middle of the film. I would have to say the star role goes to Alan Tudyk who played the character Simon, an acid-tripping boyfriend.
The best part of the film was the ridiculousness of it all. There is no way in the world that most of the stuff in the storyline would actually happen, but it was most entertaining to watch. If you enjoy British films, I would highly recommend this.

Remember When?
Matthew Macfadyen played the role of Mr. Darcy in the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice.
Did You Know?
Frank Oz, the director of Death At A Funeral, was the voice of Yoda and was a puppeteer for Jim Hanson's Muppets.

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