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Arctic Tale

The film was fascinating... but in the same way Discovery Channel's Planet Earth is fascinating. For some reason, I was under the impression the film would be much like March of the Penguins. The storyline jumped from polar bears to walruses which didn't seem to give the audience much time to develop a relationship with the creatures. The storyline focused on "the hunt for food" or "survival" rather than the cycle of life or relationship between parent and offspring. The story would have been much more interesting if the cycle was shown from beginning (conception) to end (leaving the parent). The story would have been more enjoyable and felt complete if the "circle of life" had been more prevalent in the lives of the Arctic creatures. In the film, March of the Penguins, the audience is concerned with the cute little penguins and amazed at their ability to survive and their life story. In Arctic Tale, the audience seemed to be much more aware of the camera crew and intrigued with the footage captured.
A warning to parents: This film was much more violent than March of the Penguins. There is a lot of predator vs. prey filmed. It may be a little traumatizing for young children. There were a few audience members (young and old) crying during the film.


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