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There were quite a few actors that impressed me in this film with both their singing ability and dance (though I had expected it from Efron): James Marsden, Nikki Blonsky, and Zac Efron. I cannot say enough good things about Queen Latifah's performance. Her performance was so powerful and emotional in the song "I Know Where I've Been". For me, her performance of that song alone made the film that much more enjoyable.
John Travolta's performance was disappointing. I did not find humor in the fat woman's costume and his singing...was barely that.
Poor Amanda Bynes. I love the girl and find entertainment in her films, but this just didn't seem to be a great role for her. Whoever decided in the costume department that she should have worn that dress in the last scene should probably be fired. The poor girl could hardly move in it! Not only that, she was also struggling to keep up with her co-star Elijah Kelley, who played Seaweed, as they danced.
Overall, it was an entertaining film with a lot of talent involved. I just think there were better suited candidates out there for some of the parts.
Remember When?
Queen Latifah guest starred as Dee Dee on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" in 1991, twice.
Did You Know?
It is estimated that Amanda Bynes had to eat about 40 lollipops a day while playing her role of Penny Pingleton during the shooting of the film.

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