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No Reservations

I went into this film with rather low expectations. I thought it would just be a fun chick flick to entertain us girls on a night out. It was rather surprising to discover the film was more of a drama than a romantic comedy. I would easily compare this to Raising Helen (starring Joan Cusack and Kate Hudson) with slight differences in subject focus.
In Raising Helen, the focus was on the children rebelling after their parents die and how Kate Hudson's character adjusts her life to adapt to the children's needs. No Reservations also focuses how Catherine Zeta-Jones character, Kate, must change her lifestyle when her niece comes to stay with her.
Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin did a terrific job playing a troubled young girl struggling with the loss of her mother. Breslin has proven in this film that she deserves to be an Academy Award nominee and will continue in a successful acting career.

Remember When?
Catherine Zeta-Jones played the woman way out of John Cusack's league in High Fidelity.
Aaron Eckhart played a long-haired biker boyfriend of Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich.

Did You Know?
Catherine Zeta-Jones is the highest paying actress in Britain, EVER.
Abigail Breslin also starred in Raising Helen.


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