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Rescue Dawn

For an indie film, the story line was done very well. Christian Bale did not disappoint in his dramatic performance of a POW in the Vietnam War. However, the performance that was most capturing in this film was that of Steve Zahn. There was something about his voice that made the audience care about him and be sympathetic toward his situation. I believe what was most endearing about his character both his willingness to escape and his loyalty toward Christian Bale's character, Dieter.
As the film is based on a true story, it is both sad and inspiring to remember that time in history and how thankful we are for the soldiers that serve.

Remember When?
Christian Bale played a New York City newsboy in the Disney film Newsies. (If you are at all a Bale fan, this is a must-see.)
Steve Zahn played a girl/gambling-crazy lead guitarist/vocalist in the film That Thing You Do.

Did You Know?
Christian Bale is from Wales and still has a very strong accent.
Steve Zahn has two children named Audrey and Henry.


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