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The legend of the Spartans has always been a mystery. The comic, 300, by Frank Miller put a spin on the legend and created a mega-epic story of the Spartans.
The film was visually spectacular. The cinematography of the film was both breath-taking and brilliant. Every Spartan had perfect physique.
The thing I loved most about the way the film was done was how it truly felt like a comic book. The camera angles and shots were thought through and well executed. Creatures of all shapes and sizes became realistic in this world. I loved how I felt it perfectly logical to have disgusting, gory beings among the Spartans.
This film screams of testosterone and would pump up any guy to go fight to the death! I have no doubt this film will be up for at least an Academy Award for best cinematography.

Remember When?
Gerard Butler, King Leonidas, was The Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera.
Dominic West co-starred along side Christian Bale as Lysander, a young man in love with Hermia, in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Did You Know?
The film, 300, was shot in 60 days.
The film, 300, was shot with blue and green screens in Montreal.


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crazyhorse said...

I absolutely LOVED this movie! It took cody until the second time to even like it a little bit. It's so inspiring!