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This has been a greatly anticipated film by the fans of Neil Gaiman's comic and novel "Stardust" as well as Gaiman fans as a whole.
Whiling walking out of the theatre from this sneak preview, a woman approached a viewer asking his opinion of the film. He stated, and I quote, "It was a little too fantasy for me".
I laughed. Duh. It's a fantasy movie you went to. What did you expect? But then again, he was wearing a hideous button-down shirt with flames on it. So, obviously he didn't know any better. But, here he was using this statement in a negative sense when it all reality it is a truly positive statement! So, bravo! to the director for capturing the true essence of fantasy!
The movie was unbelievable. I have to admit, it did take me at least 10 minutes to warm up to Claire Danes speaking with a British accent but once I got past that (she did a fine job, by the way) it was smooth sailing.
Michelle Pfeiffer was a little wishy-washy on her accent but it didn't bother me too much. She did well otherwise.
Charlie Cox was perfect for the role of Tristan. He had just enough of an innocent and naive way about him to pull off his character in the beginning of the film then by the end, transforming into a noble and handsome hero (much like his character in Casanova).
Robert De Niro's character, Captain Shakespeare, was my favorite by far. His character had the entire theatre in an uproar of laughter many times.
This movie MUST BE SEEN IN THE THEATRE! It is brilliant.
If you like fantasy, this is a must, must, must see. If you don't, (like the flame shirt guy) you probably want to skip this one.


Rob said...

Sure just give me a shot and I will place a link for you on my blog.

KC said...

I can't wait to see this movie! The previews I've seen are really fun and it looks like a great adventure to see on the big screen.