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I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

I must say, I am slightly biased in this critique as I absolutely love Kevin James. So, of course, I thought this movie was good. It was light-hearted and a very fun movie. It was really good to see Adam Sandler finally play somewhat of a jerk. Lately his roles have been the sensitive, sympathetic character (i.e. Spanglish, Click, Reign Over Me) which he plays magnificently. However, it was nice to see him back into the character of being the immature ladies man like in Happy Gilmore or 50 First Dates.
Unfortunately, there tends to be something about a movie that just doesn't sit right. In this particular film, that would be the young boy, Eric Valentine, played by Cole Morgen. The boy's concept was humorous (show tunes singing, tap dancing flake) however, the acting itself was horrendous.
Overall, the movie was fun and had a few good laughs here and there but I would save this for a rental.

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