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Shoot 'Em Up

If you are going to the theatre for good, clean fun then I would not recommend this film. However, if you are going for ridiculous entertaining action, I would highly recommend this flick.
Just two minutes into the first scene, Clive Owen's character, Smith, delivered a baby while killing off over a dozen men. If that's not ridiculous, I don't know what is. If you can find humor in that situation, you will be laughing your way through this film.
The dilogue was so over-the-top that the audience had to laugh and the action scenes were so unbelievable that it was inevitably for pure entertainment.
The audience members were split down the middle. Some took the film for what it was worth- an overly indulgent, action-packed film, leaving the theatre satisfied with 90-minutes worth of entertainment. Others weren't so pleased and left the theatre stating they were glad they hadn't paid to see the film.
If you can appreciate a slew of puns, you'll love it.

Remember When?
Monica Bellucci (DQ in Shoot 'Em Up) played Magdalen in Passion of the Christ.
Did You Know?
Clive Owen is the new face for Lancome's anti-aging cream for men.

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