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I saw an interview with Seth Rogen, co-writer of Super Bad, who told Regis and Kelly that he and his friend had written the story when they were in high school. Originally, Seth was to star asj himself in the film but by the time the movie was picked up by a studio he was much too old to play the part. He settled for playing the police officer, Officer Michaels.
The film would be best described as a modern day Can't Hardly Wait. However, the role of an awkward, shy high schooler was extremely well played by Michael Cera. The film was hilarious. It was much less dirty than 40-Year-Old Virgin or Knocked Up (two movies in which Seth Rogen starred in). There was a nice change of pace with this comedy. It was more of the naive dirty humor that we all once knew. Both Michael Cera and Jonah Hill were perfect for the part.
Remember When?
Michael Cera played Jason Bateman's son, George-Michael Bluth, in Arrested Development.
Did You Know?
The f***-work is said over 180 times in the film.
Seth Rogen's dad is the angry dad with the baseball bat that come after Jonah Hill's character, Seth, in the film.
Over 1,000 penis illustrations were drawn by the co-writer, Evan Goldberg's, brother for the film and credits.

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