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Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia is a charming film full of a reminiscent time, one in which women found such joy in the comfort of the kitchen. Nowadays there are too many things to do and not enough hours in the day. Most women have full time jobs in addition to maintaining a household, a quick and easy meal becomes music to the ears. To certain families, home cooked meal means popping a frozen pizza in the oven. Most families have forgotten what it was like to sit around the dinner table together. Women are losing out on a great joy whilst only gaining a few hours to do things that separate us from our families. The kitchen is the heart of the home and this film begins to show why it is so important to keep that heart pumping. Both Julie and Julia teach us how to find pleasure in cooking rather than pain.

The film was based on a novel written by Julie Powell in 2005 and published by Time Warner Book Group. Powell, played by actress Amy Adams, has set a goal to cook 524 recipes from Julia Child's cook book in 365 days. The storyline switches between Julia Child's life, played by the talented Meryl Streep, and Julie Powell's life to show how both women struggled to find themselves in the kitchen. Most of us go through life in a constant search of one thing that will make us truly happy, the one thing that makes us feel alive. Julie and Julia find the art of cooking makes them feel most alive however, they find this out at different stages of their lives. The resounding theme throughout the film is that it doesn't matter how much experience you have (or lack thereof) or your age (Child and Powell were both in their 30's), just do whatever you love with passion and dedication. Never give up or give in.

The story brings an upbeat, empowering, pure love for cooking to the forefront through Julie and Julia's passion for food. The way both women get so excited and feel so accomplished through the act of cooking makes the audience feel like jumping into the kitchen themselves! I am sure the famous beef bourguignon dish that Powell cooked in the film has made hundreds of audience members go back home and try it for themselves. You could almost taste the savory beef melting in your mouth and the smell of wine simmering on the stove as you watched Powell prepare it on screen. I'm actually salivating right now just thinking about it!

No matter what others say, you must take this film for what it's worth. If you are passionate about cooking or are a fan of Julia Child, Julie & Julia will satisfy your craving for a good time. So, dust off your dinner tables, get into that kitchen, and as Mrs. Child would say "Bon Appetit"!


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