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Last night, Creative Loafing and MOR hosted a screening of THOR starring Chris Hemsworthand Natalie Portman. It was shown in 3D which was a surprise for most of the patrons becase the movie was not intended for 3D. I did hear some complaints later that the quality was not up to par and some of the pictureseemed blurry at the edges. I, on the other hand, normally donot care for 3D and ended up really enjoying the 3D feature.The movie itself was full of huge explosions and witty retorts.

As the story goes, there are 9 realms of the universe containing Earth and, Thor's homeland, Asgard. Asgard was depicted as a perfect realm lush with golden buildings and a rainbow bridge. It was apparent that most of Asgard was CGI however, I like to think of that part of the story as most authentic to the comic-book feel. It would have been far too difficult to recreate something as perfect as Asgard was intended to be and it was nice that director Kenneth Branagh held to the fun fantasy side of what Thor creator, Stan Lee, had written.

The story was left open ended so that means either another Thor, yay!, or a precursor to The Avengers. Be sure to stay until the very end, after all the credits, as there is another scene. I won't give anything away but it is worth staying for if you are a comic buff.


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