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I Love You, Man

Paul Rudd, Paul Rudd. You are oh so hilarious...and so darn cute.
The problem with I Love You, Man is that it has two of my current most favorite comedian actors starring in it. Oh, wait! That's not a problem at all!
This is a story about a man named Peter (Rudd) who is engaged to a beautiful woman, Zooey (Jones). However, when it comes down to actually planning the wedding Zooey discovers Peter does not have any male friends for their bridal party. This problem forces Peter to find a man he can call his friend at which point Sydney, played by Jason Segel, comes into the picture.
Unfortunately, Peter is not used to being friends with a guy and puts himself in a number of hilarious awkward situations in which he is left making a fool of himself.
The chemistry between Jason Segel and Paul Rudd is uncanny. The uncomfortable silences, the awkward comments, and the self-conscious glances are absolutely hilarious. The best part of all of these situations Peter (Rudd) finds himself in, is that it brings him to the level of the audience as we have all been in a place like this before. A place in which we want so badly to be liked as much as we like someone else, whether in a relationship of love or friendship. I Love You, Man is a great story about two men finding each other.

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